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about us

“Precise Fit . . . Perfect Fire . . .”

Metro Arms Corporation (MAC) was organized and established by Hector Rodriguez, a competitive shooter in the ‘90s using pistols in the 1911 platform, whose passionate search for the ideal 1911 pistol paved the way for design collaborations with respected firearms engineers and production experts of this classic handgun.

Over the past years, MAC invested heavily on engineering innovations and state-of-the-art production equipment, and is currently the exclusive manufacturing partner of established brands like Firestorm and American Classic sold in the United States, and S.P.S. of Spain marketed in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This global acceptance of MAC pistols is a clear testament to the company’s strict adherence of what a 1911 pistol should be in terms of metallurgy, dimensional specifications and world-class manufacturing process.

At the heart of MAC’s success is the mission philosophy of   Precise Fit . . . Perfect Fire . . . !

This mission has guided the delivery of the best value for money 1911 pistols for personal and competition applications, and is a guarantee that each MAC pistol will perform precisely and perfectly out of the box.

Precise Fit . . . Perfect Fire . . .

Our Mission . Our Assurance. Our Covenant.